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Waterproofing Manufacturers

Waterproofing Manufacturers For An Advanced South Africa

Waterproofing manufacturers in South Africa have a code of ethics to abide by in order to assure industry regulation and the delivery of industry standard products and services, and we are proud to submit fully to all requirements of the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa. We recognise the need for these practices, as without them industry standards would be sure to slip and provide a platform for service providers to deliver subpar work.

We have been in operation for more than 50 years and pride ourselves on our industry reputation for excellence and advanced systems and products. Our reach extends to many of South Africa’s major sectors and our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction has guaranteed our presence in the industry for many years to come. We are committed to only choosing material which is fully compliant with national, industry and safety standards. All the products used by waterproofing manufacturers are expected to be of a high quality and we abide by these accepted best practices.

All of our production stages for the materials used are monitored for environmental responsibility issues and it is only part of our efforts to make our business practice greener. Other of our green initiatives includes the minimising of water pollution by promoting sustainable resource management.

We also make use of quality control officers to supervise the manufacturing processes to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. We realise that quality control plays a huge part in our products’ end results, and our waterproofing products are subject to strict testing to determine that they are fully compliant to industry standards.

Advanced Waterproofing Services

The latest software and technology is employed to aid the minimisation of human error. The recognise the by upgrading the machinery and technology of a waterproofing manufacturing plant will not only greatly improve the quality of the products that are improved, but will ultimately benefit our shareholders too. It is for this reason that we view this as a direct investment into our company and its future, and the quality products and waterproofing services we produce for our customers.

We view our responsibility to our customers, the environment and our shareholders as pivotal to our company’s core fundamentals and thus dedicate resources to ensuring that each of these aspects receives the full benefit of all our time, expertise and resources.

We understand and endeavour to improve on industry best practices associated with the waterproofing manufacturing industry. Deriving from our long and vibrant history in South African commerce, we are proud to have grown to be one of the country’s experts in waterproofing manufacturers industry. We are also proud of the fact that we are operating in more than 15 countries around the world, adding value to the development of the engineering field. Other services and products supplied by us include mining and hydrology, pining and pipelines, civil engineering, contraction development and commodity brokerage. These are only some of the many services and products we always endeavour on improving and revolutionising.