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Waterproofing Manufacturers

South African Waterproofing Manufacturers                                      
Every industry has its best practices that determine the benchmark for the industry’s products and services. Without these practices, industry standards may slip and make room for suppliers that deliver poor quality and often dangerous products. Best practices are often built up over the years by industry leading researchers and organisations and may over time become the leading industry standard.
In South Africa the practices of waterproofing manufacturers include strict quality control processes, such as:     

  1. Choosing material that is compliant with national, industry and safety. Raw materials used by waterproofing manufacturers need to be of a high quality and the production of these materials must be monitored for environmental responsibility purposes.
  2. Implementing green initiatives to minimise water pollution, restrict energy usage and promote sustainable resource management. Legislation will in future be much stricter on manufacturing and production facilities in terms of their impact on the environment and society.
  3. Waterproofing manufacturers’ practices should include employing quality control officers to supervise the manufacturing processes. Quality control plays a major part in the product’s end result and often these waterproofing products undergo many tests to determine if they are compliant with the industry standard.
  4. Minimising human error at waterproofing manufacturers through the implementation of the latest software and systems. Upgrading the technology and machinery of a plant can greatly improve the quality of the products produced and even improve profits for the shareholders.

To really understand the practices of waterproofing manufacturers you should consult with industry experts. Established in 1961, Gast has grown over the years into South Africa’s leading supplier of quality waterproofing, pipes, membranes and other civil engineering services and products. Today they operate in 15 countries around the world, adding to the development of the field of engineering. Feel free to contact them for more information.